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Working to alleviate suffering and set people free. Offering a compassionate space to explore your best choices, empowering you to thrive and live your life in a way that takes you toward ever increasing wholeness.  


Relationships are so vital for our well-being. You need to feel at home in yours, to feel respected, valued and safe, so you can be your most authentic, healthiest self. Whether single, commited or part of unconventional connections, we can work together to navigate optimal relationships.  


Maybe you know what wholeness means for you or maybe you're still discovering how this changes as you do, together we can work in support of your most vital life.  

Specialties & Expertise

Highly Sensitive

highly sensitive, resilience, strength, harmony, well-being, grief, loss, trauma, depression, PTSD

Maybe people tell you you're too sensitive or you're "too much."  Sometimes reactions to trauma or grief can get similar reactions, people telling you to "get over it."  We can work together to grow your natural strength and resilience.  

Living "outside the box"

bridge, natural, authentic, integrity, calling

Many of us walk to "the beat of a different drummer."  It can help to have someone in
your corner, supporting you living
the life you feel called to live.  


water, spirit, relationship, connect, void, emptiness, addiction, lonely, depression, isolated

You're seeking support to re-establish healthy habits or dedicating yourself to live sober for the first time.  Compassionate relationships help heal and make lasting changes possible.


different, challenge, asperger, brain injury, neural atypical, power, participate, interdependence

  We all have strengths and challenges. I have years of experience supporting people with disabilities like intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism or Asperbers and traumatic brain injuries, to empower and optimize your participation in your life.  

The Hakomi Method

hakomi, wholeness, balance, peace, organic, mindfulness, unity

The Hakomi Method is a form of
mindfulness that works with your whole system,
mind and body, gently at your own pace.  
Feel free to check out HakomiInstitute.com

Stories & Personal Myth

True, Hardt, story, narrative, myth, perspective, socialization, privilege, meaning, strength

The stories we use to explain our experiences are often shaped by our society, giving some privilege while disenfranchising others.  We can explore different perspectives, emphasizing strengths that can propel you toward the life you want.


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